Adriatica was founded in 2008 by the combined efforts of Andrea and Alessandro, two brothers born in Carlino. It was in Marano that they grew up with a passion for the sea and the fishing trade. The two brothers and Roberto direct the company in the roles of sales manager for Italy, foreign sales manager and logistics manager with the enthusiasm and dedication of family heads. Our team is composed by two administrative assistants, one sales coordinator , five internal coordinators, and five sales agents. Adriatica is a leader in the sector of distribution and sales of fresh and frozen fish products.
The secret to their success lies in the professional staff, with the owners and highly motivated , energetic professionals collaborating in a warm family-like atmosphere to offer maximim satisfaction to the clientele. Adriatica offers a wide variety of excellent products delivered to the marketplace with speed and efficiency, that contributes to a healthy and balanced diet. Our business is intimately tied to the bays of Grado, Marano and the Mediterranean sea from where our daily supply of fresh fish comes; the close personal relationship we maintain with the fishermen and suppliers helps us guarantee an elevated standard of quality and safety for our products. Highly valued fish species come from Croatia and are delivered in less than 24 hours from the time of fishing; the supply of fresh fish also comes from markets such as Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, and various other locations around the globe. The company continually in expansion, researches new solutions to satisfy our clientele such as the development of ATM (Atmospheric Protective) containers that conserves the fish with special food gases. This especially helps products destined for sale in supermarkets where direct sale of fresh fish is impossible. These products are odorless, don’t drip, and are hygienic. Our new plant at San Giovanni al Natisone was opened in 2011 and is the actual site of our headquarters. The plant is equipped with cold storage facilities, laboratories, storage space, and state of the art equipment for the conservation, freezing, and smoking of fish products in a manner that respects the hygienic, security, and quality norms of the HAACP.
With a constantly increasing profit margin, the main goal of the company is to guarantee a top quality product delivered with speed and efficiency. Adriatica can deliver fresh products in less than 24 hours from fishing. The actual area of distribution is northeast Italy, Austria and Germany with biweekly deliveries all year long.

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